If you're new…
what might be helpful to know

What do I wear?

Most people are wearing nice casual clothes. A few are more dressed up, but there is no dress code. 

Where do I park?

First Reformed has a large parking lot to the east of the sanctuary. If you have others with you, you can drop them off at the main door and find a place to park.

What happens when I walk in the front door on a Sunday morning?

Greeters will welcome you in the area just inside the front door. Then you can go through some double doors to the sanctuary, where ushers will help you find a place to sit and give you a bulletin. 

What are worship services like?

  • Music will be playing just prior to the 9:30 worship service,
  • And then the pastor will greet everyone and announce the first songs (we usually stand for most songs).
  • Then people have an opportunity to greet one another.
  • After the music, there are various prayers or Bible readings, and perhaps a special music selection. 
  • About half way through the hour-long service, the pastor invites children forward for a message geared especially for them.
  • Then after another song, we read the Bible and the pastor explains how this is meaningful for our lives (it's a sermon that's about 20 minutes). 
  • An offering is taken, with a collection bag passed down each row. It is not necessary for you to give. During this time, children come forward and put smaller offerings in a box toward the front.
  • After a final song and blessing, the people either leave or move into an area in the back for friendly conversation.
  • During the school year, Sunday School classes are offered for all ages. 

What if I have small children (under age 3)?

There is a bright and colorful nursery available on the west end of the building, staffed by caring people. Ushers can help you find the place. If you prefer to have your children stay with you, there are some activity bags available at the back of the sanctuary for you to use.