What is ParaPraise
A good twist on pop music

Our pastor has a hobby of re-writing lyrics to pop songs, which he calls ParaPraise music. So far he has re-written over 4100 songs. Each week on this page, we’ll feature a song of the week – you’ll see the new lyrics plus be able to listen to the tune so you can sing right along. Also, a pdf of all that artist’s songs which have been redone will also be available, and we’ll add to that archive each week.

Song of the Week
Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry — new words © 2006 David J. Landegent

You could’ve just gone
Knowing how I – made You feel
And You could’ve just gone
After all my – stubborn will~
I’m livin’ like a sinner (Lord, I need Your love)
And I livin’ like someone else (someone else)
And You could've said it’s over (over by now)

O Savior, Your love – holds on, holds on
O Savior, Your love – holds on, holds on

When I wandered alone
You went out – searched for me –
All my sinnin’ was atoned
Lord, I need You – set me free
And I know that I’m forgiven (I’m forgiven, oh~)
By a mercy that saves from hell (saves from hell)
Lord, I’ll be returnin’ (I belong)

chorus, interlude

But You could’ve just gone
Long ago, far away
And You could’ve just gone
But Your love – is why You stay

chorus twice…

ParaPraise Archive
Lyrics you can download

Here are the lyrics of 3626 songs that have been transformed (in alphabetical order by the artist's last name or group name). The number behind the artist's name indicates how many songs by that artist are in the pdf. 

New this week: Steve Perry.

Recent additions to the archive were lyrics from Cathy Dennis, the Goo Goo Dolls, the Human League, Donna Lewis and Van Morrison.

Upcoming additions will be the Raspberries and Seals & Crofts.