What is ParaPraise
A good twist on pop music

Our pastor has a hobby of re-writing lyrics to pop songs, which he calls ParaPraise music. So far he has re-written over 4100 songs. Each week on this page, we’ll feature a song of the week – you’ll see the new lyrics plus be able to listen to the tune so you can sing right along. Also, a pdf of all that artist’s songs which have been redone will also be available, and we’ll add to that archive each week.

Song of the Week
Wild Thing by Tone Loc— new words © 2005 David J. Landegent

Let's do it


Workin’ all week, 9 to 5 startin’ Monday
When the weekend comes
I go to Christ’s church on Sunday
Pentecostal beat
They love the Lord and get to jumpin’
They glor-ify, by the Spirit on High
Until the Second Comin’
Speakin’ glossalalia, their hearts are on fire
I said that God is gonna do– miracles
And they’re  inspired
Singin’ with a chorus, they sang, “You’re the King”
I said, I can see that the crowd is redeemed
This church is praisin’ my King

My King –
My King (my King, my King, my King)

Worship in a mall, lookin’ for the Lord on high
A boomer church, for a seeker world
And I had to adjust my style
They looked at me and smiled and said,
“We got an–swers all right”
They said, “Hopefully if things go well
You just might see the light.
So I worshiped in that house
One thing led to another
I found the Lord, though it’s like a store
Looked up, and I found some brothers
The gospel’s still proclaimed
In the entertainment thing
I said, “Oh, it’s true, that the Lord’s with you”
For the group was praisin’ my King

My King
That church was praisin’ my King
My King (my King, my King, my King)
Je–sus the Savior sees

Joining the elect, in a church that wants it right
And I’m seein’ the truth in the preach-in’
I get a sermon, not just hype
With– a Calvinistic name
In the Bible, follow every line
The sang tradition’s favorite hymns
And they worship with their minds
But those brothers were redeemed, and justified
They might be sober when church is over
But they’re still on – the Lord’s side
They push what is orthodox, they will
Think when they sing
But worship happens, although it’s old-fashioned\
They’re worshipin’ my King (my King, my King)

My King
They come to worship – my King –
Down on their knees


My King (my King, my King, my King)

Then to a church I go
That upholds the sacraments
With incense sticks and crucifix
And they prayed different
They followed ancient ways,
With rituals and dance
So we got on the floor as meditators
And said some chants
Then with our given senses
With sight and sound and taste
We followed the road, of the saints of old
And with the Word we pray
We were not alone at Jesus’ throne
Let me tell you one thing
At the holy altar, we sang the psalter
In that place– they’re lovin’ my King

Say what,
Our worship’s just beginning
Though churches change
Just praise everywhere
Worship to please the Savior

My King (my King, my King, my King)

ParaPraise Archive
Lyrics you can download

Here are the lyrics of 3635 songs that have been transformed (in alphabetical order by the artist's last name or group name). The number behind the artist's name indicates how many songs by that artist are in the pdf. 

New this week: Tone Loc.

Recent additions to the archive were lyrics from the Raspberries and Seals & Crofts

Upcoming additions will be Bananarama and Christopher Cross.