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Because of the recent outbreak of the COVID virus in our church, we were only able to meet in-person once in the month of October. But in November we will be resuming in-person worship services, but with a few differences—similar to what we did when we first started up again this past May.

       The changes (at least through Nov. 15) are that we will not have nursery (although parents can still use the room). Nor will we have an organized fellowship time or Sunday School classes. We will, however, have greeters and ushers—under the assumption that we can find willing volunteers.

       We will still make the fellowship hall available for seating for those who prefer to be more socially distant, and there will be a zone in the front 5 pews on the organ side where people will be required to wear masks. As for mask-wearing in general, this is strongly encouraged, but not required.